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1 Pool FAQs
1.1 What are phosphates?

Phosphate is a vital plant nutrient and the presence in swimming pool water, even at low concentrations, can cause accelerated algae growth in poorly maintained pools.  Phosphates can be found in lawn and garden fertilizers, decaying vegetation, cosmetic items on bathers (sunscreen, laundry detergent) and even other pool chemicals.

1.2 What do I do if my pool is green when I open it?

Shock your pool, add an algaecide and after 12 hours bring a water sample to 4 Season Pool & Spa Care for a detailed analysis of your pool water.

1.3 How do I clean my cover and prepare it for storage?

Remove all the debris and pressure wash the cover. Apply Dazzle Cover Cleanse to the surface of your cover.   This product contains tee tree oil which prevents mold and mildew from deteriorating your cover and not only provides a fresh smell but helps deter animals.

1.4 Should I change the sand in my sand filter or replace the cartridges in my cartridge filter?

Before replacing anything, try cleaning the sand or the cartridges. We recommend our Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleaner for both types of filters. The extra strength formula removes the buildup of greases, oils and stubborn scale, and allows you to clean the filter in significantly less time.